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Information about Face recognition and aesthetic surgeon

Cosmetic surgeons are experienced and performed several surgeries with availability of advanced technology, affordable cost, and speed with which these procedures are performed. Plastic surgery is generally used for improving the facial appearance that is removing birth mark, moles, and scars for correcting your mutilating defects. An individual undergoes plastic surgery the facial features are reconstructed either globally or locally. Aesthetic surgery process changes the face appearance. No attempt has been made to study the effect of local and global plastic surgery on the face recognition. We investigate different aspect related to plastic surgery and face recognition.

cosmetic plastic surgeon

Face recognition algorithms can be classified into three categories they are appearance, texture and feature based algorithms.Appearance based procedures are principle constituent analysis which are normally done by cosmetic surgeons using global semblance of features. Texture based algorithms on the other hand rely on the facial texture information to recognize and individual. Feature based algorithms generally established a relationship among facial features and perform matching.

Cosmetic surgery is generally done by our surgeons for reconstructing your complete facial structure by means of local and global surgery. This kind of surgery is individual undergoes local plastic surgery for correcting defects, anomalies, or improving skin texture. From the local surgery plastic surgery can be done to completely change the facial structure is known as full face lift. These type of surgery the appearance, texture and facial features of an individual are reconstructed and are usually not the same as the new face.

cosmetic plastic surgeon

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