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In what way cosmetic Surgeons provides best treatments

Cosmetic surgery reduces obesity which is associated with excess removal of fat tissues. Laparoscopic techniques in bariatric surgery provide body contouring patients with decreased morbidity and faster improvement with the same amount of weight loss.

Weight loss is dramatic and progressive until a highland is reached. Patients often seek the services of a plastic surgeon to remove the excess lax skin and improve the posies associated with such immense weight loss.

Laparoscopic bariatric surgery is a particular surgery to allow quicker recovery and improvement in quality of life while avoiding the wound and abdominal wall complications connected with open procedures.

Once the rate of weight loss has reached a plateau at about 14 to 18 months postoperatively many of these patients become candidates for body contouring surgery and other aesthetic operations.

Surgical techniques done to improve the health of patients

Laparoscopy for bariatric surgery has proved to be a safe and cost effective different to open procedures. Ventral hernias and abrasion infections have been reported to occur in up to 18% to 20% of patients after the open gastric bypass where this laparoscopy has greatly reduced the incidence and severity of these complications. These Patients have a shorter hospital stay and faster recovery with decreased pain and a decrease in pulmonary dysfunction. Patients where report more rapid improvement in quality of life and manifest by an earlier return to activities of daily living and return to work more interest and contribution in physical and social activities and greater initial weight loss at few months.

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